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CVC Worksheets and CVC Word Searches are educational resources designed for children learning to read and spell words using consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) patterns. The worksheets provide practice for identifying and writing CVC words, while the word searches challenge children to find and circle CVC words hidden in a grid of letters. Both resources are ideal for use in the classroom or at home and are suitable for children in early elementary school. These CVC Worksheets and Word Searches are a fun and engaging way to reinforce important literacy skills.


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Product description

Word searches are a fantastic way to integrate phonics education into a game that kids will LOVE!

There are 44 short vowel CVC Word Searches in this package. For morning work, homework, early finishers, or literacy stations, use these practice pages!

This packet contains:

Sets 1–4 of brief a-words

sets of 5-8 brief e-words

9–12 short I word sets

13–16 short o word sets

sets of 17–20 brief u words.

Review of Sets 21–44: Mixed