Writing Prompts for Kindergarten for April


Writing is a skill that requires daily practice! These simple journal prompts are designed to help beginning writers build confidence, practice articulating thoughts, and work on fine motor skills, and proper letter formation.


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Product description

Daily practice of writing is a crucial skill. With 80 pages of printable writing prompt worksheets for each month that are ideal for novice writers, this resource makes it simple. The seasonal, festive, and all-time sentence starters are all included in the Spring Writing Prompts. These are the ideal kindergarten writing prompts. They are simple to utilize in a writing folder, or you can create a journal using the prompts.

This source contains:

  • a solid sentence starting for 30 pages (great for beginning writers)
  • A sentence beginning is absent from 30 of the SAME pages (great for independent writers)
  • the choice of a front cover
  • If students want to write more, they can use a blank writing paper.

Each page contains:

  • For young beginners, there are large writing lines.
  • a place for pupils to insert writing examples
  • a word bank with pictures and a theme.
  • A guide to writing conventions
  • The checklists for writing conventions urge students to:
  • capitalize your words.
  • Add white space between each word.
  • To spell the words, make them longer.
  • Use punctuation
  • Draw a picture.

If you want to use the pages as a writing notebook or journal, an optional front cover is included.

Students who want to write more are given a blank page with lines.

There are 3 distinct versions available. The story starters described below are included in one edition together with relevant images and vocabulary words in a solid typeface. In the second version, the narrative starters described below are included, along with illustrations that connect to them and vocabulary words in a traceable font. The final version simply contains the vocabulary words and visuals (no sentence starter).

Students use the word bank to finish the sentence on the worksheet using the sentence starters. To encourage your authors, use this version for small-group training. For authors in kindergarten or at the beginning of their careers, use these sentence starters. Versions with traceable fonts and solid fonts are both present.

Use the Word Bank Only option with your more experienced writers. The word bank is used by students as they create their own stories. It is simple to print out this version and put it in a separate work area or folder. For more autonomous writers, these are an excellent transition.