Opinion Writing Daily Journal Prompts


These opinion writing pages are a great way for kindergarten students to practice their beginning writing skills and share their thinking. There are 33+ different options, each with three differentiated levels included. These no-prep opinion writing pages can be used as a whole group activity, in writing centers, or as part of a small group lesson.


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This resource includes:

  • Different opinion options (100+ pages total).
  • 3 differentiated versions of response sheets
  • An optional writing journal/folder front covers
  • Students will learn to share their opinions using phrases such as I like, I prefer, I would rather, the best, more than.
  • Themes include food, community helpers, sports, animals, seasonal activities, hobbies, school subjects, and places.

There are three differentiated versions of the opinion writing pages, which means this activity will grow with your students throughout the year. You can also use these different levels to differentiate the activities.

Level 1 – This version is a great introduction to an opinion writing unit. Students will write their choice to write the sentences and then draw a picture to match in the space provided below.

Level 2 – A sentence starter is provided for students to write their choice, and then extend their writing by giving a reason to support their answer.

Level 3 – Students are given blank writing lines for a free write response. Additional free-writing templates are provided for students who are ready to write more.

Blank pages are provided at the end to print for those who want to write more.

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