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Prek back to school worksheets for free

10 Tips for the First Day of School

Prek back to school worksheets for free

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The first day of school for your child is one of the most emotional times as a parent, especially if it’s your first. I’ll never forget how big my son’s rucksack appeared to be on his tiny shoulders, how his skinny little legs protruded from his baggy, grey shorts, or how confused I felt as I left his classroom. By the way, he assured me repeatedly that he was alright.

Some students dash through the school gates without so much as a glance back, leaving behind embarrassed mothers with trembling chins. Others might need to be escorted to the classroom, but once they see a familiar face, they are content to kiss their parent’s goodbye and continue on their way. A tiny percentage of kids may be more fearful and unwilling to let mom or dad leave their side.

Here are 10 suggestions to help you be ready for the first day of school, whatever the situation is for your child.

1. Take a Stroll Around the Campus a Few Days Before the Start of Classes
If at all feasible, walk your child around the school before it becomes overrun with students and activities. Take them past their classroom, the restrooms, and any potential lunch locations. Allowing children to play on the playground will help them feel more at home on the school grounds.

Prek back to school worksheets for free

2. Mark and Protect Their School Supplies
I still have happy memories of receiving my brand-new school supplies and organizing them into my brand-new pencil box, which included all of my new pencils, markers, rulers, erasers, and stationery. Funny how many of us are obsessed with stationery! This is something that both of my kids enjoy doing, so labeling everything they own and covering their books has become a tradition as we get ready for school. To start putting kids in the right frame of mind, do this ideally the week before school.

3. Include a Picnic in Their School Lunch
Go for a picnic after packing a picnic meal in their school lunchbox and placing it in their backpack. It will aid in acclimating children to their new possessions and foster a small amount of joy about having their unique school supplies. Have a conversation about the school schedule and what their first few weeks will probably be like while you’re in a comfortable, informal situation. A kid of one of the mums at Stuck on You spent a full week eating breakfast before school out of her lunchbox!

Prek back to school worksheets for free

4. Meet the Professor
See if you can set up a meeting with the teacher a day or two before the start of class if your youngster is a bit concerned. The majority of teachers are there from the previous week and would be delighted to see you and chat with you in the classroom. When your child sees a familiar face, it will make them feel more at ease and calm.

5. Be Optimistic
Think about all the enjoyable activities your child will do at school. Recognize that it’s normal to feel a little anxious before starting something new, but that they will feel more at ease after they get to know the other students and their teacher. Remind them of previous occasions when they experienced anxiety but overcame it, like the start of kindergarten or a sleepover at a friend’s house. To let them know you are thinking of them, tuck small notes into their lunchbox or favorite treat.

Prek back to school worksheets for free

6. Work as A Classroom Assistant
During the first week or so of school, set aside one or two days to provide your assistance in the classroom. If you are a full-time employee, try to make it for only one day, but if you have the time, consider volunteering to assist in the classroom once a week. It is adorable to see how happy they are to have you there, and it is a terrific opportunity for you to get to know the other students, the teacher, and some of the classmates they name. Make the most of it while you can since there will come a moment when your child won’t allow you to visit them at school.

7. Schedule a Playdate
Before the start of the school year, schedule a play date if you know any of the children who will be in your child’s class. Having a friend they can anticipate seeing even before the first day of school can be beneficial for them. When school starts and your child develops a crush on one of their new classmates, try to set up a play date for the weekend or after school.

Prek back to school worksheets for free

8. Remain Composed
In the first few days of school, it is typical for some kids to experience separation anxiety or initial shyness. Be as calm as you can while telling them you love them, will think of them during the day, and will be back to fetch them shortly. Keep in mind that educators are skilled at reassuring kids and slowly easing them into the day ahead. They are also educated to assist kids in adjusting.

9. Organize Your Schedule
The first week or two of school should be avoided if at all feasible if you want to be there to help your child get used to their new schedule. It will be less stressful for you if you are accessible to assist some kids who may feel anxious or exhausted at the beginning of the school year.

10. Freeze Some Simple Dishes
During the week before the start of the school year, prepare a few quick meals and freeze them. This will free up your mind during the first week, allowing you to spend time talking to your child about his or her day and reading all the reading assignments that the school sends home during those first few days.

Moms and Dads
Even we parents can experience anxiety on the first day of school. After the initial drop-off, I advise you to have coffee and cry with another parent from the school, and if you don’t have to rush off to work, schedule a few activities for that first week. Enjoy some of the activities that are typically out of the question for you, such as a long stroll, coffee with a buddy, or some shopping.

Comment below with your advice on how you got ready for the first day of class.

Prek back to school worksheets for free

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