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Back to School Preschool Number Worksheets 1-10 – English Worksheets & Printables

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

These adorable Preschool Number Worksheets 1-10 are great for helping kids practice tracing numerals to ten. These printable preschool number worksheets are free and great for getting kids ready for school by teaching them to count to ten and trace the numerals 1 through 10. These back to school activities are ideal for the first day of classes. You only need to print the pdf file with the tracing numbers 1–10 to get started playing and learning some back to school math.

1–10 Preschool Number Practice Sheets
We want to encourage preschoolers and kindergarteners to look forward to partaking in enjoyable educational activities as they return to school in August and September. Children may practice counting, tracing numbers 1–10, and working on number recognition with these NO PREP Preschool Number Worksheets 1–10. These enjoyable school supply-themed preschool number practice sheets are ideal for back-to-school printables or activities for the first day of classes. These no prep, tracing number worksheets for the first day of school will be a hit with parents, teachers, and homeschoolers alike.

Preschool Worksheets for Numbers

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PDF preview and download. You can save the freebie and print the template by opening the back to school printables pdf file, which will open in a new window.

Back to School Printables
Children can practice counting school supplies, tracing numbers, and learning number terms with each of the free preschool number worksheets in black and white that range from 1 to 10.

On the first day of school, preschoolers and kindergarteners can practice tracing numbers with these adorable free printable tracing numbers 1–10. To practice the numbers 1 through 10, just print the pages.

Activities on The First Day of Class
As they practice writing numbers, children will color the illustrations on these preschool number worksheets 1–10 pdf. The bottom of the page is where kids can practice writing the numbers 1 through 10 and number words.

Learn the number word, trace the number one, and color one backpack.

To learn the number word and trace the number two, use two crayons.

Three glue bottles to color, trace, and write the number three.

Four rulers to color, four to trace, and four to write.

Learn the number word and how to trace the number five while coloring 5 scissors.

To trace the number six and the number word, color the six erasers.

Color the seven cars, trace the number seven, and learn the term for seven.

Color the number eight, trace the number word, and use the 8 ball brushes.

Learn the number word and trace the number nine while coloring 9 dice.

Trace the number ten, learn the color term, and color 10 cameras.

Numbers 1–10 Trace
These printable numerals 1–10 each feature a classroom item for students to count and color. These are ideal for helping preschoolers and kindergarteners get ready for the start of the new school year.

free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

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free Prek back to school numbers worksheets for free

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Prek back to school worksheets for free

Free Back to School Worksheets – English Worksheets & Printables