Numbers 1-20 NO PREP Worksheets




These worksheets are designed for students to practice and reinforce their understanding of the numbers 1 to 20. No preparation is needed, as all the materials are included in the packet. These worksheets offer a variety of engaging activities, such as counting, writing numbers, matching numbers to words and pictures, and more. These activities are ideal for independent work, homework, or small group instruction. The worksheets are easy to use and are a great way to improve students’ number recognition and counting skills.


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Product description

The purpose of this Numbers 1-20 NO PREP packet is to give Kindergarten kids multiple approaches to master the numbers from 1 to 20. There are 11 distinct exercises on each page to ensure that kids thoroughly grasp and meet the Common Core criteria.

On each page, the following activities are present:

  • Color the specified number on each frame of ten.
  • Use several fonts to help kids read and recognize numbers in a range of printed and published formats.
  • Find and color the given number.
  • Trace the number word and write it.
  • Write the numbers before and after the one that is given.
  • Draw the indicated domino number.
  • Identify and color the number word. Use several fonts to help kids read and recognize number words in a range of written and published formats.
  • Show the proper number in the ten frames, color the appropriate number of cubes on the base-ten block, and tally the appropriate number.
  • Each number has its own wearable Number Word Watch. Students get to decorate, cut out, and WEAR the timepiece!

The nicest thing about this packet is that it requires zero preparation, lamination, or pricy colored ink. Just PRINT AND TEACH!