100th Day of School Worksheets


100th Day of School Worksheets are educational materials designed to celebrate and commemorate the 100th day of a student’s school year. These worksheets typically include activities and exercises that focus on counting, number recognition, and other math-related skills, and are intended to help students reinforce their learning and have fun at the same time.


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100th Day of School Worksheets and Activities No Prep

The contents of this packet can be used in the classroom with the whole class, in centers or with small groups, as early finisher work, or as homework.

The worksheets and activities included in this set:

1. Coloring page (can be used as a cover page)

2. Writing prompts

– On the 100th day of school, I feel

– In the first 100 days of school, I have learned to (boy/girl version)

– If I had 100 Dollars, I would

– When I am 100 years old, I will

– I wish I had 100. I would

3. Number Maze

4. Counting from 1 to 100

5. Missing numbers 1 to 100

6. Spin to 10

7. Count and write how many

8. Skip counting by 10s to 100 cut and paste

9. Numeral and word match cut and paste

10. In 100 seconds, I can…

11. I would like 100… but not 100… (using the 5 senses)

12. Number 100 and dab it.

13. Hundred Hunt

14. Color by Code or Number

15. 100 Day sentences

16. Your name in 100 box

17. Your Number 1-100

18. 100 steps from your classroom

19. Draw my 100-year-old photo

20. Dice, Roll, and Tally.

Happy Teaching!

This is a pdf document and contains 24 pages.